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Temple Of The Emerald Crown

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Other Links

Satanic Ordaination

United Order Of Cerberus
(Supporting Satanic Unity)

Information on Cain
(as well as links to info on alchemy,
golden dawn,etc)

Links to Groups On
The Luciferian Path,
Luciferian Witchcraft
and The Left Hand Path.

Our Group's
For the study and discussion of the Luciferian-
Left-Hand Paths.
Belials  Vault
For Discussions on Luciferian/LHP's , Sorcery, Voodoo,
Occultism, Dark Wicca, Necromancy, Shaminism, Odinism,
Magick, Witchcraft, Etc.

Satanic Clothing And Acessories


Michael Fords Articles(recommended)
as well as book updates.

Magus Books

(Great seletion of Michael Fords Books
as well as other luciferian and left hand books)

Recommended List Of Books

The Book Of Cain-By Michael Ford
Luciferian Witchcraft - By Michael Ford
Anything ON:
Luciferian/Left-Hand Paths
Chaos Magick