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Temple Of The Emerald Crown

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The Luciferian Path


The Luciferian Path

"This is not a path of prayer and supplication, but recognition of the sorcerer's own inherent powers.

The forces of Darkness are

called upon as a means of self-expression,

self-empowerment, and self-deification."

- Nathaniel Harris

The Luciferian Path, much like the Left Hand

Path,is a Path of Self Development and

Self Advancement. Luciferian Blood Runs

through all of Humanity. As the "Path"

was begun when Cain was conceived,from

Azazel/Lucifer And Lilith,through Eve and Adam.

Therefore Lucifer/Azazel is the Father of

all humanity,as His blood flows through our veins.

(see 'The Book Of Cain'-By Michael Ford,it best

explains it). It is a Path of Hard Work,Commitment

and dedication. Not only to the Path itself,

and to the Gods And Goddesses therein,but

to ourselves,for the betterment of our

Minds,Pysches and our Lifes.And like the

Left Hand Path we strive for attainment in

self-deitifaction,the attainment of

'Godhood',in sorts. The molding of the

mind,self and being in the Likeness of

Lucifer/Azazel.This is something that

is not to be accomplished right away,but

overtime. It is also a Path of Becoming.

Unlike Satanism the Luciferian Path is

a much deeper Path,and requires a deeper

relationship and understanding of Lucifer

and those who stand beside Him as well

as with the self. for more information

or a more indepth view the writings of Michael

Ford Are best,which i have added a link

to his publishing site in the books and links

section of this site,as well as a list of His

books that are best on this,as well as a

list and links to other sites concerning

the Luciferian Path as well as Witchcraft.

-Hpriestess Azazell-