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Temple Of The Emerald Crown

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The Temple



The Temple is based on the Luciferian and Left-Hand
Paths, with some mixture of Traditional Satanism.
A true devotation to the Path is a must to be a
part of the Temple. There are Eight Degrees that
I've come up with each one just to help take you
down the Path Further there in no way the right
way for everyone, but some aspect of achieving
each one is a requirement.

The Degrees for the Temple

Our Beliefs

1: We believe in the Existence of Lucifer,as an
actual Being,and acknowledge Him as The Father
and Creator Of Humanity in many aspects. As
He is the One who constantly frees us or teaches us
to free ourselves from the Herd and the enslavement
of falsity.

2: We believe in and acknowledge Azazel,Belial
Lilith and Cain, and all those others who
are immortal and in the likeness of Lucifer.

3: We acknowledge Cain as the Son Of Azazel
and Lilith,through Eve And Adam. Therefore
making Cain the first of the Witchblood. And
that same Blood runs through all humanity.

4: We believe in the studing and attainment
down the Luciferian and Left hand Paths. But
also expanding our Minds through knowledge
of different paths pretaining to these,as well
as different fields such as philosophy and so

5: Self Development and the attainment
out of mortality concepts,out of societys
norms and the complex herd.

6: In molding our beings,minds and lifes
in the likeness of Lucifer. Therein some
aspects attaining 'godhood".

7: We beieve we have our own individualitys,
therefore thinking for ourselves,and not
looking towards others for our own attainment
or life desisions.